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Meet the Maker

Hi There!

I'm Shae, the owner, creator and maker behind The House of Summer.   
I was born and raised on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, where I studied art throughout primary, high school and university. 
All my life I have enjoyed creating. I am fuelled by the creative process and love experimenting with a range of mediums from acrylics to watercolours, oils to pastels, and digital drawings to polymer clay. 
The colour ways, shapes and forms used in my work are inspired by fashion, architecture and travel. Making jewellery in particular has enabled me to combine my two passions of fine art and fashion. 
Everything you see in my store has been handcrafted by me.

All handmade artwork, both prints and accessories, are available in limited quantities only. 
I hope you enjoy my work and would love any feedback from you.

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